Watch the Bills go crazy in the locker room when the Bengals put them in the playoffs

The Buffalo Bills got a huge break on Sunday to make the playoffs, and thankfully someone was filming the reaction in the locker room when it happened.

This video will make your day (and if you need more, the Bills fan reaction videos are worth another look), and if you’re a Bills fan you’ll watch it roughly a thousand times before Sunday’s wild-card playoff game between Buffalo and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Here’s the scene: The Cincinnati Bengals were lining up for a fourth-and-12 with less than a minute left, trailing 27-24. The Bills needed the Bengals to beat the Baltimore Ravens to get into the playoffs for the first time since 1999. It looked grim.

But Tyler Boyd caught a pass for a first down and ran the rest of the way for a 49-yard touchdown that sent the Bills to the playoffs. You can see the locker room cheer when Boyd caught the ball, then lose their minds as he continues to run through the Ravens secondary for the score. And if the sight of grown men jumping around like kids doesn’t get you, watch defensive tackle Kyle Williams (No. 95). He joined the Bills in 2006. He has played 167 games with the team and had never made the playoffs. His reaction, with his kids sharing the moment with him, is just … yeah.

You don’t even have to be a Bills fan to love that video.

Bills defensive tackle Kyle Williams (95) and his teammates fall to the ground in celebration after Williams scored a touchdown on Sunday. (AP)

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