Watch a C8 Corvette Z06 Fall Off a Dealer’s Lift

c8 corvette falls off lift
Corvette Z06 Takes Tumble Off Dealer Service LiftJason Grubb/YouTube

Some Chevy dealers apparently still struggle to understand that the weight distribution of the mid-engine C8 is different from the previous front-engine Corvettes. As a result, we see here another example of a new Corvette being lifted improperly and getting destroyed when it falls off the lift.

A YouTube video posted on September 15 by Jason Grubb shows a Torch red Corvette Z06 Convertible sitting majestically in the air on top of a dealer’s lift. However, it seems that the technician did not use the proper lift points. A few seconds after the video starts, we watch in horror as the flat-plane crank LT6-powered Z06 comes crashing to the ground. The good news is that nobody appears to be injured in the mishap. The bad news is that the world might've just lost a Z06 convertible because of a stupid mistake. It's unclear what dealer this incident occurred at.

It is bad enough to see the Corvette crash to the ground. But to add even more insult to injury the video shows one of the lift arms ripping through the side of the car as it falls. Because of that, it seems safe to assume the car is a total loss. Writing off a Z06 while it is being pushed to the limit on a racetrack is one thing. But losing one while it is in the hands of the people in charge of keeping these on the road is enough to make any Corvette fan cry.

The C8 Z06 was launched with much fanfare. It is a track weapon—even winning Road & Track's 2023 Performance Car of the Yearthat can best cars from more exotic brands. Some folks have been on a waitlist for years waiting for their car. Many have had to pay tens of thousands of dollars above MSRP in order to put it in their garage. We don’t know anything about the owner of this particular Z06. However, we can be sure they will not be happy when they get the call from the dealership about what happened.

If you are the owner of a C8 Corvette, you might want to review page 230 of the owner’s manual with the shop where you get your car serviced. That is the page that illustrates the proper jack points. That conversation just might save your car.

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