Watch ‘elusive’ sea creatures come close to Canadian shore and leave witness shaking

Faith Bergevin lives a block from an ocean walkway in Victoria, British Columbia, so she regularly spends time on the water.

Recently, she headed to Ogden Point — a popular tourist spot along the water in Canada where cruise ships frequent — for a moment to recharge, according to a Sept. 12 blog post.

“Even though I go a few times a week, I’ve never spotted whales. Sea otters, sea lions, yes,” Bergevin wrote. “... But whales? They remained a mystical dream that seemed impossible to be realized.”

That is until the morning of Sept. 12 on her walk when Bergevin spotted a pod of at least five orcas about 10 feet from where she was standing.

“I stood there, with my camera and another woman who had a souped-up camera ready to capture what remains so elusive,” she wrote on her blog. “It was just us two standing on rocks feet from the water as people stood above us from a safer distance at the lighthouse.”

Bergevin posted videos of her encounter on Facebook.

“A gift on a cool dreary morning for all of us who happened upon a visit. I have never been this close to whales before,” she wrote in a Sept. 12 post. “To say I am excited is an understatement ... seriously me and another photographer were shaking.”

The “incredible” sighting was almost unbelievable, Bergevin told McClatchy News in an email.

“I honestly can’t believe I captured this. If I didn’t film it I don’t think I’d believe this happened,” she said.

Ogden Point is in Victoria, about 60 miles southwest of Vancouver.

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