Watch: Embarrassed professional cyclists are overtaken by farmer on rickety bike

This is the embarrassing moment a pair of professional cyclists on expensive bikes were overtaken by a farmer riding an old bone shaker up a steep hill.

French biker Axel Carion and Swede Andreas Fabricius are trying to break the current 58-days world record for riding the length of South America.

And while the lycra-clad pair struggled to make it up the steep mountain road in Cartagena, Colombia, on their top-of-the-range bikes, local farmer Luis cruised alongside them on a dusty old green model.

No problem: Farmer Luis effortlessly overtakes the professional bikers (CEN)
Contrast: The contrast between Luis and the athletes is stark (CEN)

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Wearing jeans, a baggy shirt and a straw hat, Luis even managed the feat with a heavy sack tied to his back.

The cameraman, speaking Spanish, says: “This is because he is stronger than us. We are in pain now.”

Strength: The farmer is said to ride around 62 miles every single day (CEN)
Talent: Luis showed that money and training don’t always win (CEN)

He then adds in French: “Andreas is being ridiculed!”

Local media reported that Luis usually rides around 62 miles every day in the hilly area.

Carion and Fabricius are set to finish their 7,450-mile trip in the Argentinian town of Ushuaia before 25th February – nearly two months after they begun.