Watch this entire elementary school cheer on a classmate battling cancer

Students and staff at Beavercreek Elementary School near Oregon City, Oregon, are like a family. So, when one of their own fell ill, they came out to support her in strength.

Hadley Lowery was jumping on a trampoline when she felt a pain in her leg. When the pain didn't go away, her family took her to get a biopsy. Unfortunately, the news wasn't good. The 8-year-old had a four-inch tumor behind her knee and was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma Bone Cancer.

When she started treatment, the brave third grader got a touching reminder that she's not alone in her fight when her entire school stood outside as she drove by, holding signs and presents and chanting good wishes in an overwhelming gesture of support.

Watch these elementary school students cheer on their brave friend.

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Third grader with cancer overwhelmed with support by elementary school