Watch: Firefighters rescue dog stranded on roof

Sept. 20 (UPI) -- Firefighters in British Columbia came to the rescue of a dog named Lucky who found himself in the unlucky position of being stranded on a roof.

The Victoria Fire Department said the Ladder 1 crew responded to a call about an animal in distress in the Oaklands area and arrived to find a dog stranded on the roof of a home.

"Breaking the stereotypes today, no cats in trees but dogs on roofs," the fire department said in an Instagram post.

Firefighter Jeffrey Cullen said the canine had apparently squeezed out through a window at the peak of the roof and was then unable to climb back through.

Firefighters used a ladder with a basket attached to bring Lucky back down to safety.

"He made his way right to the edge and without hesitation jumped straight into the basket," Cullen told Castanet.