Watch: Idaho man topples cans with water pistol to break world record

June 25 (UPI) -- A serial world record-breaker from Idaho earned his 178th concurrently-held title by using a squirt gun to topple 10 empty soda cans.

David Rush, who is aiming to concurrently hold 181 Guinness World Records to become the world's top record-breaker, took the title for the fastest time to topple ten targets using a water pistol.

Rush said Guinness World Records required him to use a very small water gun, making it difficult to get enough power to topple the cans without sacrificing accuracy.

"The harder I squeezed, the worse my aim became," he said.

Rush said he managed to beat the record of 5.93 seconds on his 10th try, but he made one more attempt and achieved a new record time of 4.92 seconds.