Watch! Irish pub's heartwarming Christmas ad goes viral

heartwarming christmas advert from irish pub goes viral
Irish pub's heartwarming Christmas ad goes viral Charlie's Bar/Instagram

A Christmas advert created by an Irish bar has gone viral — and it tells the powerful story of isolation and companionship.

The heartwarming ad from Charlie's Bar, the oldest family run bar in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, has garnered over one million views on Instagram and follows an elderly man who is spending Christmas alone.

Filmed on an iPhone by staff members, the video begins with a man laying a bunch of flowers down on a grave. He then walks into his local town but gets ignored by those who pass him. The man then heads into Charlie's Bar, passing a couple with a dog on his way in. As he takes his seat, the friendly dog comes to sit with him. The couple soon join him and they share a drink together, laughing and talking.

The ad ends with a quote from the Irish poet, W. B. Yeats: 'There are no strangers here, only friends you haven't met.'

Staff at the pub wrote: 'Christmas can be such a joyful time for some and painfully hard for others. One thing is for sure – you'll always receive a warm welcome when you walk through our doors. We will be open on Christmas Day, so if you are alone this festive season, drop in for a chat.'

Una Burns, the pub owner behind the heartwarming advert, said she never expected her budget video to go viral. 'It's completely blown me away and the whole family away,' she told MailOnline. 'The idea came really from what we've seen over the years in the bar and it didn't seem very ground-breaking at the time, it's a very simple message, and if anyone walks into Charlie's it's probably what you will see.

'But it was very important for me that this message was more serious. We wanted people to feel something when they watched this video and to get across the idea that unfortunately Christmas isn't as positive and joyful for some as it is for others and we probably see that more than others at this time of year.'

It has also been praised by John Lewis, who posted on TikTok: "We're not crying, you are".

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