Watch Jordan Klepper Run Into Matt Gaetz on Jan. 6 Anniversary (Video)

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Jordan Klepper did his thing again on another Jan. 6. This one (2022), fortunately, went more peacefully than the last (in 2021).

That doesn’t mean there were zero nuts protesting in and around the Washington, D.C. area, however. No, Klepper still came across quite a few.

First, he met up with one guy in a “F— Biden” t-shirt (and a New England Patriots winter cap, for what that’s worth) just screaming and cursing about — and only kind of at — CNN’s John King. The fella had a giant “F— Biden” flag, a poster of a cartoon boy (not quite Calvin from “Calvin & Hobbes,” but that’s the inspiration) peeing on Nancy Pelosi and four of his own kids in the car. So that’s a great teachable moment from dad.

Meanwhile, congress members Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene had set out to re-enact the walk of “patriotic Americans” (the rioters, basically) to the Capitol building from one year ago. That’s where Klepper (briefly) caught up with Gaetz, who represents Florida. (Marjorie Taylor Greene reps Georgia.)

“Hey Matt Gaetz, if you’re going to re-enact the events of Jan. 6, who is going to take a s— in the rotunda?” Klepper asked Gaetz, who was trying to get into a car. “And also, who is going to make the gallows?”

“Isn’t this a little bit childish, Matt?” Klepper continued. “Or is that what attracts you to this?”

Gaetz didn’t answer, as you might imagine. Or perhaps, more accurately, he didn’t have an answer.

Later, Klepper attended a candlelight vigil being held for the insurrectionists who are being held in prison. There, he bumped into an old bud from a Hersey, Pennsylvania show. They had exactly zero catching up to do.

Watch the segment via the video above.

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