Watch: Boeing CEO faces Senate grilling on airplane safety as new whistleblower emerges

Watch as Boeing CEO David Calhoun faces a Senate grilling on airplane safety on Tuesday (18 June) just hours after a new whistleblower came forward with further allegations of bad practice and company cover-ups.

Mr Calhoun will face questions about on the beleagured aircraft manufacturers “broken safety culture” at 2pm eastern time at a Homeland Security’s investigations subcommittee, chaired by Senator Richard Blumenthal.

It comes as Boeing faces a string of lawsuits relating to manufacturing malpractice, after a door plug of a 737 Max 9 blew off during an Alaska Airlines flight in January.

Since then, multiple whistleblowers have come forward publicly. Two men – John Barnett and Joshua Dean, have died since speaking out.

On Monday, the Senate office announced that another whistleblower, Sam Mohawk, had come forward, alleging Boeing improperly tracked and stored faulty parts, and that those parts were likely installed on airplanes including the 737 Max. He warned such practices could lead to a “catastrophic event”.