Watch Megan Thee Stallion Do the “Mamushi” Challenge in a 1:1 Sailor Moon Cosplay

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If there's one thing Megan Thee Stallion loves more than putting out bangers and waving the flag for hotties around the world, it's anime — and her latest anime-inspired cosplay is 100% one of her best.

The rapper is a huge anime and manga fan and is no stranger to cosplaying, whether she's going for spot-on recreations or spicing up her daily 'fits with subtler anime references. Earlier this year in Tokyo, where she was presenting at the 2024 Crunchyroll Anime Awards, Megan rocked not one but two legendary anime looks: first, a reinterpretation of Jujutsu Kaisen's Gojo Satoru and then a spin on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's Bruno Bucciarati.

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Now, she's pulling out a new structured wig for a 1:1 take on Sailor Moon, one of the most iconic Japanese characters of all time, to promote "Mamushi," her new collab with Japanese rapper Yuki Chiba, which is already absolutely everywhere over on TikTok and Reels.

In an Instagram Reel and a TikTok video of her own posted on July 9, which you can see below, Megan hopped on the viral dance trend to "Mamushi" once again, this time wearing Sailor Moon's garbs.

Dressing up as the anime's lead character, who also goes by the name of Usagi Tsukino, Megan rocks a long blonde wig with red barrettes and bangs, a white and blue mini dress, a big red latex bow, and long white gloves. The dance goes along with the song's chorus and the earwormy "Watashi wa star" hook, which is probably already in your head right now. (Sorry, not sorry!)

Megan's Sailor Moon dress was hand-sewn by costume designer and X user @clockworkbex, who posted a snapshot of the making process over on their account. "I was about to quit sewing back in 2020 bc some stylist screwed me over. Instead, I preserved and kept going. 4 years later, I have my dream commission on Megan Thee Stallion," @clockworkbex shared.

Megan released "Mamushi" as part of her latest third album, Megan, which continues the run of Japanese-inspired singles from the record. First, there was "BOA," which saw Megan live out her vintage gamer fantasy with a concept inspired by classic button-smasher arcade games. Then there was "Otaku Hot Girl," which has more anime references in its lyrics than you can name — including her faves: Gojo and Sukuna from Jujutsu Kaisen. (She also samples the dubbed English voice of Yuji Itadori for the song.)

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This latest cosplay isn't the first time Megan has taken inspo from Sailor Moon. Back in 2022, the rapper took to the stage at Japan's Summer Sonic Festival in a Sailor Moon-inspired 'fit, wearing a sailor collar, bow, and mini-skirt with her hair pulled back in space buns. It was a lower-lift take on the character, and now it looks like she's officially completed the transformation into her final Sailor Senshi form!

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