Watch: Mo Bamba skies to impossible heights for ridiculous dunk

Mo Bamba nearly brought the ball to the top of the backboard. (Screenshot: ESPN broadcast)

Mo Bamba is close to 7 feet tall. But simply describing Texas’ freshman center using his height doesn’t even come close to describing the things he can do on a basketball court.

And simply describing him using his height doesn’t come close to explaining this dunk:

Oh. My. Goodness.

Bamba has a 7-foot-9 wingspan, and he’s insanely athletic for his size. That’s why he’s a likely top-five pick in next the 2018 NBA Draft.

And it’s why he can do things that almost nobody else in college basketball can do.

It’s why he can almost bring the ball level with the top of the backboard, and his head level with the rim!

The more angles you watch, the more absurd the dunk gets:

Incredible. And Bamba is skilled, too. He has only put up 10.3 points and 9.7 rebounds per game so far for Texas. But his talent is clear for all to see.