Watch mountain lion stare down pup through glass door of Colorado home. ‘Really scary’

Video Screengrab/Sarah Bole

When Sarah Bole got home from work one evening this week, she was greeted by a mountain lion on her patio.

Her 13-year-old Shih-Poo was in a stare-down with the cougar from the comfort of its home in Grand Lake, Colorado, Bole told Storyful.

The mountain lion stared back, video recorded by Bole shows. She later shared the video to Facebook.

“He wants to eat my dog,” Boles said while recording the rare encounter.

As the mountain lion creeped closer and put its nose up against the glass, the Shih-Poo — named Dash — stood its ground.

“Get away,” Bole said. “Dash, come here.”

But Dash didn’t listen. Instead, Dash began wagging its tail.

And the mountain lion pawed at the glass door.

“This is really scary,” Bole continued. “Dash.”

The two curious animals continued staring, and the mountain lion briefly paced outside the door.

“I think he sees his reflection,” Bole said of the mountain lion. “I’m shaking.”

About two and a half minutes into the video, the big cat turned away from the door and began to run. That’s when Dash began to bark.

“Dash, shut up,” Bole exclaimed. “Shush.”

Following her scary encounter, Bole told Storyful that the lion never showed any aggression.

“Rather it was just as curious as my dog to figure out what was on the other side of the glass,” she said. “Although I was a bit shaken, I don’t feel I was in any danger and the lion was curious about its own reflection and the dog.”

Grand Lake is a town in Grand County, about 100 miles northwest of Denver.

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