Watch: Pony found wandering loose in Ohio neighborhood

Nov. 7 (UPI) -- An Ohio animal control officer solved an unusual mystery when a lost animal turned up in town -- a small white pony.

The Parma Police Department said in a Facebook post that the pony was found wandering loose in a neighborhood and Officer Jeffrey Romano was able to use his "leash skills" to catch the small equine.

Julie Kocick, Parma's animal control officer, was then able to find the pony's home.

"Nobody was home, but I was able to go in and determine that this is where the pony lived. I was yelling to him 'Come here, come here.' We got the pony back into the stall," Kocick told WJW-TV.

Kocick said she had to inform the pony's owner Monday that she has 30 days to relocate him outside the city.

"There is a law that you can't have horses and yes, he falls under that law. She is going to have to remove him from the city," Kocick said.