Watch these reporters hilariously try to cover the blizzard

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

As a huge winter storm pummeled the East Coast, one good thing happened: We got to watch reporters stranded out in the cold trying to make a story about it. Local news reporters along the East Coast were forced to stand out in the freezing cold to describe the conditions to anchors who were warm and cozy in their stations’ studios.

Tracie Strahan of NBC 4 in New York was reporting live amid whiteout conditions in New Jersey when she digressed from her broadcast to ask if a nearby coffee shop was going to open. She said, “Listen, if I endure all of this I can get come coffee up in this piece, you know what I’m saying?”

Later, a man heard her plea for hot coffee and poured her a cup from his thermos.

Nic Jones of WLTX in Charleston, S.C., finished his report by asking local kids where they’d purchased a sled.

Others trudged through the snow to ask people about the drama of their freezing day. However, some just couldn’t stay on their feet.

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