Watch: Skunk with cup stuck over its head found walking circles in Maine street

Sept. 22 (UPI) -- Police in Maine came to the rescue of a skunk seen wandering in a road with a cup stuck over its head.

The Waterville Police Department said in a Facebook post that officers and a Maine State Police trooper responded to a report of a skunk with its head stuck in a cup and they located the animal "walking in circles in the middle of Kennedy Memorial Drive."

The department shared a video showing one officer attempting to remove the cup by reaching out through his patrol vehicle with a baton.

The skunk manages to evade the rescue attempt, and a second officer steps in with a long stick. After a couple of failed swipes, the officer manages to knock the cup off the skunk's head and quickly flees to avoid being sprayed.

"Despite a moment of being stunned, the skunk was uninjured and was able to move from the roadway to safety," police wrote.