How to watch TNT from anywhere without cable in 2024

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TNT has always been a big hit for Warner Bros. Discovery over the years with their original shows, late-night talk shows, and diverse lineup of live sports broadcasts from the NBA to the NHL. As many consumers have left behind the cable boxes, many want to know where it is they can still get their fix from what a channel like TNT provides. There are still multiple ways of watching TNT live in 2024, including live streaming and rewatching old content on demand.

Watch TNT on Sling TV

Sling TV on Apple TV.
Sling TV

Some would argue that Sling TV has become the most popular place to jump ship to after dropping a cable provider. Sling now has two color-coordinated packages that one can purchase when signing up with them. The orange deal gives you up to 32 total channels, including TNT, for $40 a month and half off your first month. With the orange deal, you can stream only on one device at a time. With the blue deal, you can stream up to 3 devices at a time with 39 channels, some of which are not on Sling Blue. TNT is available on both Sling Orange and Blue. The service also has no annual contracts and allows customers to customize their experience to fit their needs.


Stream TNT on Max 

HBO Max app icon.
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Since launching last year, Max has become the central hub for wherever you want to find the best of what Warner Bros. Discovery has to offer. Anything from HBO, TCM, and the DC universe, as well as their cable channels TBS and TNT. Through Max, you can get live broadcasts of NHL and NBA games throughout the 2023–2024 season, as well as shows from the channel to binge both new and old. Max is currently $10 a month or $100 a year with ads. Ad-free plans are $16 a month and $150 a year. The ultimate ad-free plan is $20 a month and $200 a year. Getting the annual plan can save you anywhere from 16–20% a year on the service.

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Watch TNT on Hulu

The Hulu icon in the Disney+ app.
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Hulu is still one of the most prominent streamers in 2024. It produces original content regularly but also has ties to many cable channels as it airs episodes the day after the premier. One of these channels is TNT. Like most streamers, there are different pricing plans, as Hulu is now part of a bundle with Disney+ and ESPN+ for $15 a month with ads. Or you can just get the plan with Disney+ and Hulu for $10 a month without ads. In terms of just strictly purchasing Hulu for all your TNT needs, Hulu with ads is $8 a month; if you’re a student and can prove it, Hulu is available with ads for only $2 a month. No ads are $18 a month for the basic plans. Adding live television and bundles can range from anywhere from $76 a month to $90 a month. You’ll need to do this if you want to watch live NBA games.

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Watch TNT on DirecTV Stream

DirecTV app icon on a TV.
DirecTV app icon on a TV.

DirecTV Stream is still highly prominent in the new year, with the ability to stream shows and live broadcasts through their multiple plans. DirecTV has been highly praised for its sports bundles, and since TNT has become a provider of live sports over the years, just know that the channel is available in all of their priced packages. Prices range from $80 a month to $95 a month, plus tax for two months. The lowest package still gets you 75+ channels for purchasing, one of which is TNT.

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