Watch: Tomas Plekanec drops mitts for first career fight

Toma Plekanec (Getty Images)

Tomas Plekanec took his sweet time to announce to the hockey world that he is, indeed, a heavyweight.

Well, not quite, but he did engage in his first official NHL scrap on Thursday as he hesitantly dropped the gloves with Arizona Coyotes forward Brad Richardson. The Canadiens forward took a lot (and I mean a lot) more punches then he threw, but he respectably stood in there, clung to Richardson’s sweater like a seatbelt, and hung on just long enough to survive.

Plekanec also apparently landed a sneaky little bomb to Richardson’s nose at some point during the encounter, as the Coyotes centreman was leaking a bit of blood throughout the tilt.

It was Plekanec’s 941st career NHL game, and his very first — and probably last — fight.