Watch two ventriloquists speak in the other's voice

A pair of ventriloquists are showing they don’t need to hide behind dummies to throw their voices – they can simply sit beside each other.

Finnish ventriloquists Sari Aalto and RudiRok took to YouTube to perform the stunt. The minute-long video features the pair seated next to each other, talking directly to camera.

“What happens when two ventriloquists meet,” Rok asks, as Aalto gleefully smiles to the camera. When she establishes she is in fact a ventriloquist and that Rok’s also a ventriloquist, something suddenly happens and the colleagues begin speaking in the other’s voice.

“What is this witchcraft,” Rok asks in Aalto’s voice.

“I sound like you and you sound like me,” Aalto answers in Rok’s deep voice.

Then, simultaneously, they both decide to see what it’s like when they start to sing, reciting an off-key version of Do Re Mi. They sing each note in the other’s voice and then Aalto begins to choke.

“Are you okay,” the female-voiced Rok asks her.

“Just choking,” she replies in his voice, winking at the camera. “Get it? Choking?”

It doesn’t take too long for Aalto – embodied by Rok of course – to hit her wall.

“And I’m done,” her voice insists, through Rok.

“What do you mean,” she asks, this time in her own voice and body.

“That,” he replies with a chuckle.

And scene!