Watch: Zamboni driver pops the question during AHL playoff game

An intrepid zamboni driver pops the question during intermission in Game 5 of the AHL’s Western Conference final. (Photo: YouTube)

Marriage proposals at sporting events are nothing new, but we must commend the Zamboni driver in Grand Rapids for bringing a fresh twist to an otherwise exhausted stunt.

With the San Jose Barracuda in town to take on the Grand Rapids Griffins in Game 5 of the AHL’s Western Conference Final, the Zamboni driver took advantage of the spotlight during the second intermission. With his girlfriend riding beside him, the driver brings the Zamboni to a stop before hopping off and taking a knee at center ice.

The heartfelt moment was captured in the video below.

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Of course, the tone of this blog post would be considerably different had the girlfriend said no (which has happened many, many times). But the woman said yes, and this intrepid Zamboni driver was spared an entry in the cringe-worthy listicles of marriage proposal fails at sporting events.

The Van Andel Arena, for what it’s worth, appears to have a pretty good success rate when it comes to proposals. Earlier in the season a woman popped the question after she and her boyfriend were spotted on the ever-popular kiss cam. He said yes, and while the girlfriend getting down on one knee is slightly unorthodox, the scene captured in the video below is sweet nonetheless.

Love appears to be in the air in western Michigan.