Water levels in Chatham, Ont. increased by 0.5m since noon Tuesday, says LTVCA

Water levels in Chatham, Ont. increased by 0.5m since noon Tuesday, says LTVCA

The Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority (LTVCA) maintained a flood warning on Wednesday for the Thames River, highlighting that water levels in Chatham, Ont. have risen approximately 0.5 metres since Tuesday at noon. 

The conservation authority said basement flooding for downtown Chatham businesses is "imminent," adding that flooding along Siskind Court in Chatham is also possible. 

Heavy rains over the weekend, especially on Saturday, caused flooding along the Thames River "for the third winter in a row," according to an excerpt from the LTVCA's Wednesday media release. 

Water levels in the Thames River in Chatham are approximately three metres higher than normal.

"The peak flow in the Thames River is now passing through Chatham-Kent upstream of Thamesville," said the LTVCA, in the same media release.

The conservation authority said water levels in Chatham should be expected to rise another 0.5 metres "by the time the peak arrives in Chatham."

Click the player below to get a look at the Thames River along downtown Chatham, Ont.:

The LTVCA added that there's a "slight risk or low-level flooding" in the Chatham Street, Salter Street and William Street at Water Street areas. 

Chatham's Diversion Channel Dam is currently closed. 

The 6th Street Dam and Pumping Station in downtown Chatham is also in operation to "prevent the Thames River from backing up McGregor and Indian Creeks and flooding nearby properties on the south side of the City of Chatham," according to the LTVCA.