Water-logged Atlantic Canada heads into round two of back-to-back storms

Water-logged Atlantic Canada heads into round two of back-to-back storms
Water-logged Atlantic Canada heads into round two of back-to-back storms

This won't be a good weekend for doing any yard work or anything outdoors in Atlantic Canada, with not one but two soggy systems pushing through.

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Some areas will be on the hook for 50 mm of rainfall or more by Monday, including parts of Newfoundland where 75+ mm is possible.

Rainfall warnings are in effect for parts of Newfoundland. Similar storms in the past have caused hazardous driving conditions, road shoulder erosion and road washouts, and localized flooding, especially in poor drainage areas.

Dual storms arrive this weekend

Our first low-pressure system arrived on the East Coast early Saturday morning, pushing into the region from south to north.

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We’ll begin to see our second system track into the Maritimes Saturday evening, dragging a renewed batch of heavy rainfall over the three provinces.

This second area of low pressure will gradually move north toward the Gulf of St. Lawrence overnight into Sunday morning, allowing steady precipitation to diminish to widely scattered showers over the Maritimes through the remainder of the day.

Rainfall will pick up again across Newfoundland as this system tracks closer to the island.

Even as the precipitation calms down over the Maritimes, we’ll see the winds pick up on Sunday as that low-pressure system swings through the region. Gusts of 50-60 km/h are possible throughout portions of the Maritimes and Newfoundland on Sunday.

Atl Sunday wind Oct 21 2023
Atl Sunday wind Oct 21 2023

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Higher gusts are likely in coastal areas, with very strong gusts of 90-100+ km/h possible over the open waters. This will lead to rough surf on Sunday.

Most of the rain will finish up by Monday as the final system clears out of the region, but folks could contend with a few lingering scattered showers to start the day.

All told, most of Atlantic Canada is in line for at least 20 mm of rain between Saturday and Monday. Totals could exceed 50 mm across portions of eastern Nova Scotia and P.E.I., while 75+ mm is possible for the Burgeo shores and the Great Northern Peninsula in Newfoundland.

Atl rain amounts Oct 21 2023
Atl rain amounts Oct 21 2023

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