'Water, water everywhere': Neighbours call on city to fix culvert overflow in St. Boniface

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'Water, water everywhere': Neighbours call on city to fix culvert overflow in St. Boniface

When Charlene Urbanski moved into her home on Creek Bend Road in St. Boniface five years ago she had no idea it would become lakefront property — but it's an outcome she did not want or need.

A culvert located east of Sioux Road collapsed about six years ago and water is now flowing over the road and up to her home, Urbanski said.

She'd like the city to do something about it.

"It's been very slow in their response time and it has been a little bit frustrating because it's nerve-racking when you have water creeping up to your door," she said.

Urbanski said the problem is bad every year, but this year the flooding is worse than usual. Along with her neighbour, Debby Yachison, Urbanski has contacted the city and St. Boniface Coun. Matt Allard to try to find a solution.

"There's a problem here and it needs to be addressed," she said.

In an email to CBC, Allard said city crews have been attempting to clear out the culvert.

"Efforts have been made to both pump water and open the pipe, [and] they are continuing to work at this location," he said.

Yachison, who has lived in the area for 10 years, said it's time to just replace the culvert.

"It should be fixed. It should have been fixed six years ago. It needs to be dug up, it needs to be dug deeper, a new culvert needs to be put in and it needs to be done now," Yachison said.

She said the water means her two young sons can't even get to their bus stop.

"Jump in your boat and go for a ride. It is water, water everywhere, water across the road, water washing the road away. My boys can't get to their bus shack. It's unacceptable," she said.

Her son, nine-year-old Danny, agrees.

"I just think it's strange how there can be this much water and nobody's doing anything about it. It just surprises me," he said. 

"It kind of looks like a river to me. It kind of just looks like a river just … came along."

There are only the two houses on the stretch of road impacted by the flooding, and the neighbours understand that means they might not be top priority. But Yachison said six years of dealing with flooding is too long.

"I just really hope that something can be done before something bad happens. Water is never a good scenario and there are children here and I hope they do the right thing."