The wearable GoGolf GPS always knows the distance to the hole

Kraig Becker
GoGolf GPS

If you’re one of the many golfers who struggle with estimating the distance to the hole, we have just the gadget for you. The GoGolf GPS is a wearable device that reportedly offers accurate measurements from your current location to the center of the green, making club and shot selection easier than ever.

Weighing in at just 0.25 ounces, the GoGolf GPS is designed to clip on to a golfer’s hat or glasses without adding much in the way of bulk. Once locked into place, users simply need to push a single button to hear the device audibly announce the current distance to the center of the green that they are approaching. The gadget can also provide the distance the ball traveled from of the previous shot too, which not only comes in handy when tracking performance but in “best ball” competitions too.

The GoGolf GPS pairs with a smartphone via Bluetooth and uses a specially designed app that is available for free on iOS and Android. That app has been built to provide accurate course data to the user, helping them determine the distance to the pin from anywhere out on the links, and since it comes preloaded with more than 30,000 courses worldwide, chances are it will work fine on your favorite local country club or a course you might be visiting on an upcoming trip. The app even supports 35 different languages, making the GoGolf a useful gadget for use just about anywhere.

Most of those courses found within the GoGolf GPS app feature interactive maps that allow users to scout out the terrain and spot any potential hazards prior to making a shot. This is especially useful because the device will provide the distance to the green in a straight line, which may not actually be the best shot. The maps will provide insights into what obstacles can be found around doglegs or out of sight over a hill, which is especially useful when selecting the best club and shot.

The GoGolf GPS is IPX5 water-resistant, has a battery life good for about five full rounds of golf, and ships with two different sized clips to attach it to a variety of objects. It sells for $90 and is available just in time for spring golfing.