Weather creates delays at Toronto's Pearson airport

Staff at Toronto Pearson International Airport airport were kept busy overnight and through the morning with a number of flight delays and cancellations due to weather and wind conditions.

Shabeen Hanifa, senior communications advisor for the Greater Toronto Airport Authority, says while they don't have numbers of delays and cancellations, it was busier than average night at the airport. 

She said the main factors that led to the backlog were a mix of weather and wind.

Snow and rain caused poor visibility for flights coming in and out of the airport, and the constant clearing of the wet tarmac also delayed some flights. 

One of the other factors was how wind direction and speed determines which runways the airport uses. 

"This may affect how aircraft are re-routed on approach, because we need to use different runways and they need to line up in the air to match up with different runways and that takes a bit of time time. Once they have landed, it changes their route back to taxi back to the terminal," said Hanifa.

She said six flights were diverted from Toronto to other airports overnight. 

Comedian Daryn Jones took to twitter about how his flight circled around the airport before diverting to Ottawa to refuel.

Hanifa urges passengers to take extra time to travel to the airport when flying when there is rain or snow.