Weather hampering rescue of 2 harvesters near Tuktoyaktuk

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The community of Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, is working with government officials to try to get two injured harvesters back to safety.

"Two individuals were out harvesting at a place called Baillie Island. They drove a Ski-Doo off of a cliff and suffered possible broken bones," said Tyrone Raddi, marine coordinator in Tuktoyaktuk.

"Right now we are just trying to get some help out there to them, but weather is playing a factor as the weather is not really good out there due to open water in the area."

Raddi said the incident happened Monday but he was only made aware of it Tuesday afternoon.

The injured harvesters managed to get in contact with emergency contacts via satellite phone to inform them they needed help.

Raddi is in communication with the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Trenton and the Northwest Territories Emergency Management Organization in Yellowknife to coordinate a rescue plan.

He said he's been told that the individuals have tried to move their camp but weren't successful due to injuries.

A helicopter was dispatched in the afternoon, and Raddi said it will try to reach the harvesters once there is a break in the weather.

In an email on Tuesday evening, RCMP told CBC that police are also now involved in the operation.