Week 1 DFS Values

Tank Williams runs through four DFS players fantasy managers should focus on in the opening week of the NFL season.

Video Transcript

- All right, Tank. Listen, this is your time, buddy. This is-- this is your moment. Give us the DFS values of the week, pal.

TANK WILLIAMS: Oh my goodness. It's already back. What it do, baby? It's your boy, T-Money, coming back with my week one. Yes, it is week one, ballers on a budget.

Now, first, I'm starting off with Derek Carr. They're going against the Chargers, $27. And it's pretty plain and simple to me. Who does he have throwing to him? He's throwing to Davante Adams, one of the best wide receivers in the league, Darren Waller, one of the best tight ends in the league, Hunter Renfrow, one of the best route runners in the league.

And you have all those guys to throw to, and you have to try to go up against touchdown Jesus, Justin Herbert? He's going to have to try to score more points than God to try to keep up, which means my man, Derek Carr, at $27 bucks, is definitely a baller on a budget. Now, we're going with Aaron Jones at running back in Minnesota, $22. And it's pretty plain and simple. Like, Davante Adams is gone.

Who was the second-most targeted guy on Green Bay's team last year? It was my man Aaron Jones. So I understand that people are going to get twisted because, oh, it's going to be Aaron Jones. Oh, it's going to be AJ Dillon.

Like, both of these cats are going to eat, and he's going to be heavily used in the pass game. You're getting this dude that's going to get all this volume in the run and pass game for $22? I'm definitely going to get me some of that.

Now, at wide receiver, it's already a match-up that I talked about. People hating on Kyler, but I'm going with it, his college teammate, Marquise "Hollywood" Brown. He's gone from a run-heavy system in Baltimore to a pass-heavy system now in Arizona. And the beautiful thing to me is, yeah, DeAndre Hopkins is out. Oh, my man Zach Ertz has been a little bit banged up.

So that means my man Marquise Brown is going to get all those targets in the game that has the highest total on the slate going against Kansas City Chiefs with Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and all those weapons they got on the opposite side of the ball. With him at $18 and the target share that he's going to get out of all these other wide receivers, I think that is extreme value for a wide receiver with the upside of Marquise "Hollywood" Brown.

And at tight end, I'm going with Kyle Pitts. Now, this dude is $16. He's going against a really tough Saints defense that really holds it down against tight ends. But this is the one thing that stands out to me, if you listen to all the fantasy experts coming into the league, coming into this season, what do they say? Kyle Pitts is one of the top fantasy tight ends this year.

So why is he $16 in a tough match-up? Travis Kelce has the second toughest match-up on the slate this week, and he's still $28. So yeah, I'm going to gladly take Kyle Pitts at the five-finger discount, regardless of who he's going against because I know my man Marcus Mariota is going to be targeting my boy heavily. And so you know what? The T is for the money, and the money is something that you will not have in your lineup if you do not get my picks in there.