Week 2 DFS Values

Tank Williams runs through four DFS players fantasy managers should focus on in week 2.

Video Transcript

- What it do, baby? It's your boy T. Money coming with my week to Baller on a Budget. Now, first I'm starting off with my man Carson Wentz at Detroit. He's $22 bucks. And yes, I agree, he does look like the grown up version from the dude from "Problem Child," especially when he's throwing interceptions.

But look, hey, last week, he had over 300 yards passing and 4 passing touchdowns as well. And so what I really like about Wentz is this. He's going against a Detroit Lions defense that can't stop a car on four flats. And so I expect him to have to throw the ball a lot. And he's going to want to because, hey, it's going to be easy pickings against those Lions. So make sure you get my man Wentz in your lineup.

Now, at running back, I'm going with my man, oh, Super Bowl Lenny, fat Lenny, whatever you want to call him. But all he does is ball out, Leonard Fournette. He's $22 bucks. They're at the Saints. And all offseason long, we talked about the Tampa Bay offensive line being unstable and how Leonard Fournette couldn't back away from the table. Yet and still against the Dallas Cowboys, my man rushed for over 127 yards.

And if you don't remember, Cordarrelle Patterson, corduroy, gave the New Orleans Saints' defense the truck stick for the tune of 120 rush yards. So I feel good about Lenny right here if that hamstring holds up. If it doesn't, Antonio Gibson is only $18 bucks. And guess what, he's going against that trash Detroit Lions defense too.

Now, at wide receiver, my man Harmon already talked about it. Christian Kirk going against the Colts, he's $17 bucks. He had 12 targets last week, over 100 yards receiving. They target him short. They target him deep. He's like Jordan Spieth for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He's doing all the dirty work, and he's a baller while he's at it.

And I think with both of these teams coming off tough Ls, man, there's a chance that this game is a sneaky shootout out in Jacksonville. So I really liked that there.

And at tight end, Taysom Hill versus Atlanta. Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start, Select, he's the cheat, code, yo. You never know what you're going to get out of Taysom Hill. Is he going to line up at quarterback? Is he going to line up at running back? Is he going to get targeted at wide receiver or tight end? You never know.

He's like Forrest Gump, just like that box of chocolates. But one thing you do know, whenever the Saints get in the red zone, he's going to get some action, Boston. So best believe you get Taysom Hill in your lineup at the very cheap price of $16 bucks. So remember, the T is for the money, and the money is something that you will not have in your pocket if you do not get these boys in your lineup.