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This week in photos: March 28

W. Scott Persons looks at the skeleton of the Tyrannosaurus rex “Scotty” at the T. rex Discovery Centre in Eastend, Canada. Scotty is considered the heaviest T. rex specimen ever found, at an estimated 19,500 pounds in life, far heftier than most elephants alive today. (Photo from Amanda Kelley/University of Alberta/AFP/Getty Images)

Week in photos: The images you must see from the week of March 28

This week, the Earth yielded some fascinating underground treasures, as paleontologists in Canada unveiled the fossilized remains of the largest known Tyrannosaurus rex, and spelunkers in Israel announced the discover of the country’s longest salt cave.

Meanwhile, as New Zealanders gathered in Auckland in a large vigil for the victims of the Christchurch mosque attacks, pro and anti-Muslim demonstrators clashed in Toronto.

Combined with a hot pink lake in Australia and a pair of tube top-adorned mermaids in Indonesia, this week has produced some photos that are sure to catch your eye.

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