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The week of Feb. 7 in photos

Demonstrators gather in the streets during a pro-opposition protest in Caracas, Venezuela, on Saturday, Feb. 2, 2019. Thousands of opponents of Venezuela’s socialist regime marched in Caracas as pressure builds at home and abroad for President Nicolas Maduro to step down. (Photo from Carlos Becerra/Bloomberg)

Week in photos: The images you must see from the week of Feb. 7

This week brought mass gatherings around the world as some people celebrated, while others protested.

Millions of people in China and abroad rang in the Lunar New Year — 2019 is the Year of the Pig —  with parades, fireworks, festivals and offerings. Members of India’s LGBTQ communities gathered in Mumbai to celebrate the city’s first official gay pride parade since a landmark ruling by India’s Supreme Court last year decriminalizing homosexuality. In Venezuela, demonstrators continued to protest the country’s socialist regime and its President Nicolas Maduro.

The week also brought tragedy, with separate deadly train derailments in Canada and India and the ongoing sentencing hearing of convicted serial murderer Bruce McArthur.

From fire, flags and festivals to protests and pride, here are some of the most compelling images from this week.