Your weekly horoscope by Sade Jackson (21 — 27 June)

Looking to the stars with Sade The Astrology Vixen  (Adrian Swancar Unsplash)
Looking to the stars with Sade The Astrology Vixen (Adrian Swancar Unsplash)

TAURUS: To cool your feelings, you’re best served accessing the tangible. Think luxe bed linens, eating pastries on a Sunday morning on a hotel balcony and anything that brings calm to your sensual soul.

ARIES: No matter how far and wide you travel, there’s something calling you back home. Right now, however, you may be wrestling with wanting to prioritise your career. It’s time to make a decision.GEMINI: You might have compromised your time to chase what was never guaranteed. Whether that be in terms of respect or recognition at work, you’ll soon see what is and isn’t worth your attention.CANCER: In celebration of the summer solstice and your birthday season, you have no excuse but to let your spirit roam in the meadows. Hold your friends near and dear, and dance into the wild midsummer evenings.

LEO: One harmless Pilates class may unveil a huge amount of somatic information. What part of your body feels sensitive? How does your body speak to you? It’s time to sit and listen.VIRGO: The Virgo assignment isn’t an easy one, as with great power comes great responsibility. You’re often doing all the messy delegation and correcting rights from wrongs. This week, give someone else the task.LIBRA: Delve into the details of how you want your career to make you feel. Is it your haven of artistic discovery or does it need to make you feel a deep sense of belonging? Whatever you decide, make tangible micro goals

SCORPIO: Some part of you is longing for a new path to follow, yet you’re likely looking behind you to check who’s following. If you get a text from a loser ex or someone who no longer serves you, keep driving forward.SAGITTARIUS: Relationships for you feel like being in a playground. Pranking a friend or partner never gets old, so if your connections aren’t as fun, inject them with spontaneity. Let loved ones unleash your inner child.

CAPRICORN: A new season in your relationship sphere has begun. Now is the time to meet Cupid at the crossroads to finally decide what it is that makes your love birds sing. Don’t be afraid to lay it all out.

AQUARIUS: It makes such a difference when you do work out of love, not obligation. Perhaps you need to find yourself a passion project. Or perhaps it’s time to acknowledge your curiosities are leading you elsewhere.

PISCES: Keep booking new dates, hopping on the dancefloor and experimenting creatively. Only by being under the bright lights can you grasp all of the information you need about what feels true.