What Do Wegmans' Sushi Offerings Look Like?

A platter of Wegmans sushi with edamame, gyoza, spring rolls, California rolls and sauces
A platter of Wegmans sushi with edamame, gyoza, spring rolls, California rolls and sauces - Wegmans/Facebook

When you're craving sushi without paying restaurant prices, you may want to stop at your local Wegmans. The grocery store chain offers pre-assembled sushi trays if you plan to serve a few people. Its King Salmon Family Pack includes eight king salmon nigiri, eight king salmon California rolls, and six Kiwi king salmon rolls. If you want to add some tuna to the mix, the raw Atlantic combo includes six salmon rolls and six tuna rolls alongside four nigiri selected by the chef.

But if you want to pick and choose your own variety, the store also sells an assortment of sushi rolls to allow you to select your options. If you're craving a little crunch, you may want to grab a tray of the shrimp tempura roll, which is shrimp tempura and lettuce topped with sauces and tempura crisps. If you don't like your shrimp fried, the shrimp California roll wraps up shrimp, cucumber, and avocado. Despite its name, the Philly crab roll doesn't contain real crab. Instead, the sushi wraps pollock, cream cheese, and avocado in sushi rice and seaweed.

The grocery store chain also offers several different raw fish sushi options. The Spicy King Salmon Roll tray wraps raw salmon and cucumber, then tops it off with sesame seeds and a "spicy sauce" made from mayonnaise, sriracha, and hot sesame oil. The Assorted Nigiri sushi tray includes nine pieces of sushi rice topped with a chef-selected assortment of raw salmon, tuna, eel, shrimp, yellowtail, or pollock.

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The Store Offers Plant-Based Sushi Options

Tray of Wegmans sushi
Tray of Wegmans sushi - celiacsnacks/Instagram

If you like raw tuna, there are two spicy options. The Spicy Tuna Roll wraps the fish with cucumber, then tops the entire thing with spicy sauce. Toasted sesame seeds and scallions are also sprinkled on top. The Spicy Tuna Volcano Roll is the same but adds jalapeno, tempura crisps, and teriyaki sauce.

The store also has several vegetarian sushi options available for those following a plant-based diet. The designated vegetarian roll wraps carrots, avocado, and cucumber inside seaweed. That is then rolled in sushi rice mixed with sesame seeds and includes eight pieces of sushi on the tray. The avocado roll is a little simpler: A piece of avocado rolled inside sushi rice, which is then rolled in seaweed.

The Crunchy Vegetable Volcano Roll is the chain's most impressive vegetarian-friendly roll. The inside of the roll combines avocado, carrots, and cucumber, wrapped in seaweed and sushi rice. The top of the roll, however, is covered with scallions, teriyaki sauce, crunchy toppings, and the store's spicy sauce.

There Are Plenty Of Sides To Choose, Too

Fried gyoza on a plate
Fried gyoza on a plate - Romix Image/Shutterstock

Wegmans also offers a few different ready-to-eat foods to pair with your sushi. Shrimp gyoza are filled with shrimp, ginger, and veggies. Or, if you'd prefer to avoid seafood, the grocery store also sells seasoned ground pork pot stickers. Chicken spring rolls are also sold in the frozen section, though these will need to be cooked at home.

If you're building a vegetarian-friendly platter, a vegetable gyoza tray is made with a variety of veggies, including carrots, leeks, and edamame. The vegetable inari is also plant-based and is made from rice and sesame seeds inside fried tofu. If you're craving an all-veggie side, you can also opt for some salted edamame or a Japanese seaweed salad: Seaweed, kikurage mushrooms, and sesame seeds served with a soy, sesame, and turmeric vinaigrette.

Once you have your sushi tray built, there are plenty of condiments to pair with the food. Shoppers can grab a bottle of soy sauce, sweet chili sauce, sriracha, or pickled ginger. However you choose to serve your sushi, Wegmans has plenty of choices to completely customize your meal.

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