Welcome decision on assisted dying

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<span>Photograph: Reuters</span>
Photograph: Reuters

The BMA’s decision to drop its opposition to assisted dying in favour of a neutral position (Report, 14 September) is most welcome. It reflects a better understanding that the patient is the one who should have responsibility for decisions about their condition, supported by advice from their doctors.
Deborah Stene

• Before Amanda Spielman criticises schools for their magnificent efforts during lockdown to ensure children were fed (Ofsted head: schools’ focus on food parcels may have hit learning, 14 September), she should challenge the government to explain why schools found themselves compelled to do this.
Michael Sanderson
Elsecar, South Yorkshire

• When are we going to see a leading member of the government setting a good example with a reusable coffee cup instead of the inevitable cardboard one (or worse still, plastic)? In these times of urgent climate crisis, recycling is definitely not enough. Buy a bamboo cup, for the Earth’s sake!
Frances Middleton
Honingham, Norfolk

• Re the recent correspondence on scathing comments on essays (Letters, 16 September), while studying English A-level in the 1970s, I received this comment: “This is the stuff of which essays are made.” The single most inspiring – and very clever – piece of feedback I ever received at school. Part of the degree I later studied was English.
Alan Walker
Madrid, Spain

• For heaven’s sake, does no one use a teapot any more (Letters, 16 September)?
Lynne Scrimshaw

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