Welcome to June in Newfoundland!

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Welcome to June in Newfoundland!
Welcome to June in Newfoundland!

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Welcome to June, or should we call it 'Juneuary,' in Newfoundland.

After seeing a taste of summer earlier this week, and actually reaching a daytime high of 27.3°C on Tuesday, the city of St. John's Newfoundland experienced an unwelcome reminder of winter on Thursday, as accumulating snow was reported across the region.

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"This abrupt swing was due to an amplified weather pattern, which brought strong southwesterly flow and a tropical airmass earlier in the week, only to be replaced by an upper trough with chilly and unsettled conditions as northwesterly flow took over," says Michael Carter, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

While unwelcome, June snow is not uncommon in the climate record. Thursday's taste of winter however, was the first time that St. John's has recorded over 1 cm of snow on a June day since 1976.

"Still it could be worse. Three times in the past (1959, 1974, and 1975), the city has seen over 10 cm accumulate on a June day," Carter adds.

Cooler than seasonal temperatures will continue across the island this weekend, with frost advisories in place warning of potential damage to frost-sensitive plants.

Here's how social media reacted to the wintry scenes from Thursday.

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