'We'll make you bleed': Queen's University investigating racist and homophobic note posted inside dorm

Queen's University is investigating a racist, homophobic and violent message posted inside a student residence building where some Indigenous students reside. 

The note, written in the form of a poem, was addressed to "Chown Four," referencing the fourth-floor dorms at the university's Chown Hall residence. It was attached to the door of a common room, Queen's said, and found Thursday morning.

CBC Toronto has seen a copy of the note, which contains several epithets directed at Indigenous and LGBTQ students, such as the word "f---ots."

"We took your flags and you wailed and cried," it reads. "We'll scalp you all.… We'll make you bleed."

The fourth floor at Chown Hall is designated as an Indigenous & Allies community area, which includes about 50 Indigenous students and others with an interest in Indigenous culture.

Queen's University and Kingston, Ont., police are investigating the incident.

In a statement, principal and vice-chancellor Patrick Deane called the note "a cowardly violation of human rights and the dignity of individuals."

Deane said the note was immediately removed. The university has also sent support staff to assist students at the dorm, which is home to around 200 students.

"Queen's has worked hard — and continues to work hard — to support and implement a wide array of initiatives aimed at increasing diversity and inclusion and combatting racist hatred. Clearly there is more work to be done," Deane's statement continued.

Frédéric Pepin/CBC

The director of the Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre, an organization that provides services for Indigenous students at Queen's University, said the note clearly targeted Indigenous and LGBTQ students at the dorm.

"I think it's disgusting, I think it's horrific and I think it's not acceptable," said Kandice Baptiste. "It was intentionally written to make the strongest impact and to cause the most harm."

"A lot of the Indigenous students I spoke to yesterday were feeling like 'This is why I didn't want to join this floor, because then maybe I'd be a target,'" she told CBC Toronto.

After the note was removed, the student association performed a smudging ceremony at the residence.

Queen's is asking any students with information about the incident to contact campus security or police.