How well do you know your federal ministers?

Members of Justin Trudeau’s cabinet after being sworn in at Rideau Hall in Ottawa in 2015. Photo from CP Images

Canadians appear to be largely unfamiliar with who heads their government ministries. Aside from the omnipresent Justin Trudeau, the public is unaware of two-thirds of the Liberal government’s 30 cabinet ministers, according to the Angus Reid Institute. The data belies the notion that the prime minister is sucking all the oxygen out of the room for his other ministers. After all, a prime minister is supposed to be the first among equals.

The polling data also reinforces that impression Canadians have of their prime minister after two years heading the country. Around half of Canadians in a previous Angus Reid poll said they felt Trudeau was charismatic and modern while a quarter thought he was arrogant and flaky. Clearly, seeking the limelight means you will also be judged with greater scrutiny by the public.

But how well do you know your ministers? Test your knowledge in the poll below!