New Wembley councillor wants to create a healthy community

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Over the next few issues, Town & Country News will be sitting down with new councillors across the South Peace. This week, we talk with Becky Ketchum, new to the Town of Wembley council table.

Rebecca Ward was the name you saw on the ballot, but the newest member of council will be using Ketchum as her last name from here on out.

She recently married her long-time partner Darcey Ketchum.

She is one of three new councillors in Wembley and says she ran to better represent her demographic of being a young family.

“I'm passionate about mental health, youth and seniors,” Ketchum told the News.

Having parents and in-laws in town along with two young children gives her some perspective on what the town needs, she said.

Ketchum wants to keep seniors in the community as the town's population ages and says that she plans to ensure that things like home care funding are secured going forward.

“There's people here that need it now,” she notes. “We've been growing and growing people but not growing financials.” She concedes it’s not easy but believes the town can make it work.

Ketchum wants to make Wembley a healthier community through means of recreation. She adds she would like to help find ways to support residents' mental health.

“If people aren't healthy mentally and physically, then you're not going to grow your community.”

She wants to look into solutions like the Kickstand initiative for the mental health of young people. It offers additional options via digital solutions that are readily available to youth.

Moving forward, she wants to network with other municipalities and see what solutions and actions they are doing.

Ketchum believes that her role as a councillor will come with challenges.

“I just hope that the things that come in the future there are more positive than negatives,” she said.

She works as an agency manager at the bank in Wembley, and her husband owns a small mechanics business in town.

Jesse Boily, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Town & Country News

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