Wembley residents will switch to curbside recycling

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Wembley will have curbside recycling services with monthly fees increased to $7.50 from $5, council decided last week.

The move came after a review of a community survey that showed a preference for curbside services as opposed to communal bins.

“People will have the convenience of a (curbside) bin for recycling, and hopefully this will make the recycling effort a lot more user-friendly,” said Noreen Zhang, town chief administrative officer.

Residents currently have curbside bins for garbage only; the first recycling bins will be distributed at no cost, but any replacement will cost a resident approximately $77, she said.

Prairie Disposal will be removing the four communal bins for paper, tin and plastic as well as cardboard that are located near the town office on 100th Ave., possibly this summer.

These bins belong to Prairie Disposal and the company will remove them when the individual 64-gallon curbside bins are introduced, Zhang said.

The curbside bins will be for “co-mingling” paper, plastic and cardboard, and they will be picked up the same day as the individual garbage bins on Thursdays, she said.

The monthly fee for use of the communal bins was recently increased to $5 from $2.50 partly due to greater volume of recycling in the community, precipitating the survey.

The survey attracted 340 responses. Zhang said this was a good response but cautioned it wasn’t a scientific poll.

Of the 340 respondents, 115 supported curbside recycling while 71 supported a combination of curbside and communal bins at a cost of $9 monthly.

Fifty-seven voted for no in-town recycling, so residents would have to visit the landfill; 53 wanted additional communal bins at $5.50 monthly; and 44 favoured the status quo.

Council voted to adopt curbside recycling in accordance with survey results, Zhang said.

She said administration would like to make the change as soon as possible, but there are logistical difficulties in notifying the public and setting up the individual bins.

April 1 would be an ideal start date, but the new bins might not be available until around June, she said.

Wembley’s new $7.50 monthly recycling rate is higher than Sexsmith’s $6.60 curbside recycling, but Sexsmith uses bags rather than bins for recycling.

Sexsmith residents are expected to buy the bags. Both towns have individual garbage bins with a monthly $17 pickup fee.

Beaverlodge residents pay $20 monthly for a set of individual garbage and recycling bins, with pickup for tin and plastic and for paper every second week and garbage every week.

Brad Quarin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Town & Country News