'We were all celebrating and then said, yo!': C.J. Miles on memorable missed call with Raptors

On the latest episode of "Strictly Hoops," C.J. Miles discusses the most memorable missed call in his NBA career and his communication with officials. Listen to the full episode on the "Raptors Over Everything" podcast feed.

Video Transcript

AMIT MANN: Is there a memorable missed call?

CJ MILES: Oh, don't do that to me.


CJ MILES: There's plenty of those. I don't-- that's, I can't even think of one off the top of my. There was one in Toronto where I think it was JV should have got an and-one.

AMIT MANN: Playoff game, I'm assuming?

CJ MILES: Dunked it at the buzzer. I don't remember if-- it wasn't a playoff game. But we ran an out-of-bounds play and got-- the play worked perfect. Got him, got the shot he wanted. He finished it at the rim. We ended up going to overtime and he should've-- and it was like the most obvious, blatant. I can't remember what game this was.

AMIT MANN: Oh, was that play that is like the fake dribble handoff at the elbow?


AMIT MANN: And go and dunk it?

CJ MILES: It was that. Yes, it was that play. And everybody was so hyped that we celebrated with him on the floor. And then everybody was like, yo, like why was it not? You know what I mean? Because you couldn't do both. And this was there my first year obviously, that this happens. But yeah.

AMIT MANN: Have officials-- this was a question from @whispering375. Has an official referee apologized afterwards? Saying sorry, my bad, I missed that? Or I'll get you later?


AMIT MANN: Because I know stuff like that happens, right?

CJ MILES: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, and I can respect that.


CJ MILES: I can respect you telling me. Don't hit me with the "don't talk to me" and all that. Don't hit me with it. Like if I come to you, just be like, yo, I missed it. Or I didn't. Or tell me that you didn't think it was a foul.


CJ MILES: Say that. Give me, if you can. But obviously I have to come to you respectfully too. Like I never had a problem with refs like that, because I didn't ever-- I came to them--


CJ MILES: --the right way. So you know. But I think it's definitely-- like I respect that you could miss. And even sometimes it might be a play they can't remember. And they'll look at it. Like the coach ask for them to look at it at halftime. And they'll look at it. And they'll come out of halftime like, yeah, we missed that one. They'll tell you. It's not everybody obviously, but I've seen it happen before.

My favorite time to talk to the referees was in timeouts though, before I was in the game. Like if I saw stuff going on watching from the bench.

AMIT MANN: I see Thad do that.

CJ MILES: There's something in the huddle and I'm not going in the game yet. So I'm not really involved. Like if they're drawing up the-- drawing or talking about something that I can walk away from, I'm going to go out and just like talk to them and be like, what you think about this play? Like he just drove, I thought he had his hand on his hip. Well, he was like, well. And then we'll have a real conversation about it.

Like you say, well, I thought this or I didn't see that. Or I'm like, OK. And I'll be like, well, we've driven the last three times and he's ended up on the floor. And the last drive that they made, it was like minimal contact and they got to the free throw line. And it might have been two refs that made-- two different refs that made the calls. But by me bringing that into light, I can highlight the fact that we're attacking the basket and you should be more aware of what's going on.

AMIT MANN: Sure. There's a constructive way to do it.


AMIT MANN: I think sometimes-- I mean, referees are people too. So they'll probably remember something. And if it's a 50/50 call, it might not go your way.

CJ MILES: And I'm walking up as a veteran too, so I have a little bit of that money in the bank. Like I've been around for a long time and never got into it with a referee, so he's more inclined to-- because he knows I'm not about to come at him crazy.


CJ MILES: He's more inclined to give me a little bit. That's still, some referees still don't want to hear. And that's fine.