West Arrow Park residents clean up squatter’s camp

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Residents of a small community on the west shore of the Arrow Lakes held a community clean-up on Father’s Day weekend. They spent the Saturday removing nearly 800 kilos of trash from an abandoned squatter’s camp near West Arrow Park. The squatters have moved on after two years, but left behind a pile of waste, including old tires, camp equipment, gas and propane canisters, and general trash.

“We wanted to reclaim a popular community swimming spot and discourage future squatters from moving in, or thinking it was an okay place to dump trash,” said one of the organizers of the cleanup, who asked not to be named. She also thanked RDCK Area K Director Paul Peterson for picking up the tab for hauling the waste to the landfill.

“I’m always happy to support resident-led initiatives to clean up their communities,” Peterson told the Valley Voice. “We can provide a community grant to help cover disposal costs."

John Boivin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Valley Voice

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