West Lincoln drivers reminded to yield to green flashing lights

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When firefighters are responding to a call, every second counts.

That’s why West Lincoln Fire & Emergency Services launched a Green Light Awareness Campaign on July 20, erecting signs across West Lincoln to remind drivers to yield to vehicles with green flashing lights.

West Lincoln is served by 47 on-call volunteer firefighters, who use the green lights in their personal vehicles to indicate that they are responding to an emergency.

When drivers see a green flashing light, you should pull over and allow the vehicle to pass by, as you would with any other emergency vehicle.

“It is vital that every resident understands what the flashing green light means,” said Deputy Fire Chief Tim Hofsink. “Seconds can make all the difference in an emergency.

“Please, pull over and yield when you see a green flashing light. It just may safe the life of someone you love.”

“Let’s do everything we can to get the people who are helping us to the right place at the right time,” added Mayor Dave Bylsma.

Chris Pickles, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Grimsby Lincoln News

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