West Lincoln Public Library prepares for summer

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With hopes of allowing the public back in soon, the West Lincoln Public Library is preparing summer plans for its members.

Currently, the library is limited to curbside pickup and drop-off only. Supervisor of library programs Loraine Drilling said that a reassessment of the library’s operational status will take place on June 14 and, conditions permitting, this will allow for many different summer programs.

Given the uncertainty of future restrictions, She said the library has not yet set up any in-person programs. However, programs like Read Squared are set to come back. Read Squared is a platform run by the library that allows readers to keep records of what books they’ve read, participate in challenges and also monthly draws. Read Squared will go live on June 28.

“The goal is to engage as much as possible to promote the library, to promote the different services that we offer. We're not just about books,” said Drilling.

The library will also offer indoor games such as board games that can be borrowed and taken home, or outdoor games, such as lawn darts or Yardzee, will just be for on-site use.

For an older crowd, the library is offering book brackets, similar to the March Madness Basketball bracket, where readers will vote on the best book out of a collection and one will win at the end. Drilling said that she hopes to reopen in-person activities such as knitting clubs, as well, but will likely do so with a very limited number of members.

Geocaching, an activity that will direct those participating to specific locations to dig up caches and bring them back for prizes is also something the library will be offering. That, however, won't go live until the end of the summer.

“We are encouraging reading and a love of reading, and just really a sense of community,” Drilling said.

Moosa Imran, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Grimsby Lincoln News