West Sechelt rezoning proposal touts 'attainable’ housing

An application to build eight single-family homes in an undeveloped area of West Sechelt got a committee-level nod last week.

Sechelt Advisory Planning Commission gave early recommendations on form and character for a proposed rezoning at 5476 Mills Road at its Sept. 5 meeting.

The rezoning is to allow the creation of an eight-lot single detached subdivision of homes in an undeveloped area of the road between Jasper Road and Christian Road.

Senior development planner Sven Koberwitz said that the 2,885 square metre property is an “an appropriate location for infill development” in the residential neighbourhood.

The area is designated as residential in the Official Community Plan, and the zoning is currently R2 (low density residential), which allows for single family lots down to a minimum size of 600 square metres.

The proposal is to rezone the area to R3 (small lots residential), which would allow for a maximum of eight lots to be developed with a minimum size of 350 square metres. Each lot would sport a 1,200 square-foot, three-bedroom unit.

Bruce Mason, proponent Westcor Land’s spokesperson, said the development is, “an opportunity to provide smaller and more attainable houses in West Sechelt without adding any additional burden to the community services over the existing zoning.”

The current zoning would allow for four-larger homes with basement suites for rent, which would provide space for eight families. Mason said their idea was to create more attainable housing by utilizing R3 zoning to create smaller, more affordable properties where eight families can have their own home.

The commission found that the variance in both density and parking was acceptable.

Following a brief discussion, the APC agreed the proposed development is laudable and meets the intent of the Official Community Plan.

The next step in the application will be for it to be presented to council for first and second reading.

Jordan Copp is the Coast Reporter’s civic and Indigenous affairs reporter. This reporting beat is made possible by the Local Journalism Initiative.

Jordan Copp, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Coast Reporter