Western countries ‘one step away’ from deploying troops to Ukraine — Hungarian PM Orban

Viktor Orban
Viktor Orban

Getting pulled increasingly deeper into the war in Ukraine, some European countries are “one step away” from sending troops to Ukraine, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in April 19, as reported by Hungarian newspaper Magyar Nemzet.

Orban claimed that "pro-war sentiment and the logic of war" are prevailing in Europe.

“I see preparations for war everywhere, by everyone,” said Orban.

“The NATO Secretary General [Jens Stoltenberg] wants to establish a NATO mission in Ukraine, and European leaders are already involved in the war.”

He added that European countries consider Russia's aggression against Ukraine as their own war.

“We are one step away from the West sending troops into Ukraine,” the Hungarian leader continued.

“It's a military whirlwind that could drag Europe into the abyss.”

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Orban is known for his pro-Russian and anti-Ukrainian statements. He has called Ukraine an "unsovereign state," said the EU lacks funds to support Ukraine, and defended Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, while also calling for negotiations with Russia.

In February, French President Emmanuel Macron stated that the deployment of Western military forces to Ukraine in the future cannot be ruled out.

In March, Le Figaro wrote that Macron is considering five scenarios for sending troops to Ukraine, however, some of them could be interpreted as a "direct act of war."

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