Western experts ridicule Russian 'Mad Max' motorcycles in combat

"Chicken cages" cause motorcycles of the Russian Armed Forces to lose speed and maneuverability
"Chicken cages" cause motorcycles of the Russian Armed Forces to lose speed and maneuverability

Russian troops employing motorcycles to storm Ukrainian positions have drawn ridicule from Western military analysts, according to a June 2 report by Forbes. 

The publication highlighted that while motorcycles were commonly used in military operations for reconnaissance and logistics since World War I, their use in direct assault operations is largely antiquated and ineffective.

The vulnerability of motorcycles in combat is a primary concern, as they offer little protection in their original form. To address this, Russian forces have reportedly been retrofitting motorcycles with so-called "chicken cages" to shield against prevalent Ukrainian drone attacks. These modifications, which Forbes likened to vehicles from the "Mad Max" films, significantly hinder the bikes' speed and maneuverability.

"Observers have compared the bikes to those in the Mad Max series of post-apocalyptic movies," Forbes journalists noted, underscoring the impracticality of such adaptations in modern warfare.

Historically, motorcycles lost their appeal as combat vehicles early in the 20th century due to their high vulnerability and limited combat effectiveness. "More than one army learned this the hard way in the 1910s and '20s, arguably a golden era for military motorcycles," the article states.

"Fast, nimble bikes worked great for couriers and scouts, they were too vulnerable for troops who might face heavy enemy fire," according to military historians.

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The shift by the Russian Defense Ministry from using armored personnel carriers to less protective vehicles like motorcycles and Chinese-made golf carts suggests a desperation within Russian military strategy, experts suggest. "The armored motorcycle was one of the many concepts that died with the interwar era," said experts from the Tanks Encyclopedia.

Moreover, the use of these golf carts, previously dubbed "coffins on wheels" by the Western press, further emphasizes the challenges and risks associated with Russia's current military tactics.

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