The WEVC Coupe has a Porsche 356a-inspired body and a fully electric powertrain

Zac Palmer
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The British EV startup Watt Electric Vehicles promised to give life to the coachbuilding industry with a new electric vehicle platform to work off of, and today the company reveals its first car. It’s simply called the WEVC Coupe, and it borrows heavily from the Porsche 356a.

WEVC recognizes the strong copycat resemblance in its press release, but also notes that “all exterior surfaces are subtly different to optimize aerodynamic efficiency.” The company also notes that it needed to stray further from a regular 356a to fit the electric vehicle platform underneath it and house its new suspension. Predictably, the car is a total joy to behold. There are no Porsche badges to be found, but it sure does look like one.

Its bones make it more capable and quick than the 356a ever was. A single electric motor powers the rear wheels with an expected 160 horsepower, allowing for a claimed 0-62 mph run of “just over 5 seconds.” WEVC doesn’t say exactly how much it weighs, but does note that it’s under 2,200 pounds — that’s super light for an EV. The relatively small 40 kWh battery pack helps keep the weight down, and its bespoke aluminum platform helps, too. Initial testing on the optimistic WLTP cycle has it pegged at approximately 230 miles of range on a full charge.

“With our debut vehicle we wanted to build a light, engaging sports car, at the opposite end of the spectrum from the current trend toward hugely powerful, fast accelerating, but heavy electric supercars,” Neil Yates, founder and owner of Watt Electric Vehicle Company, said.

The interior is meant to appear classic in style, but features modern amenities like air conditioning and Bluetooth connectivity. The car is designed to meet European crash standards, but there’s no mention of the U.S. in the company’s newest press release. We’ve contacted WEVC to learn more about this car’s American availability.

WEVC says the Coupe will be shown in its final production form at the end of 2021, and manufacturing will begin for initial deliveries to take place in early 2022. There will be 21 Launch Edition Coupes, but the company doesn’t make any promises beyond those. Pricing begins at £81,250, which roughly translates to $112,900.

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