WH senior adviser puts State Farm on blast for refusing some Hurricane Ida coverage

On Don Lemon Tonight Thursday, Senior Adviser to President Biden, Cedric Richmond, slammed State Farm for reportedly refusing to cover extra costs policyholders endured due to Hurricane Ida. While some companies, like Allstate and USAA, have agreed to cover some of these additional costs, State Farm has said it will not cover extra costs for homeowners who were not under a mandatory evacuation order.

“We have companies like State Farm, and I call them by name, that have decided that they're still going to use that loophole or that technicality or fine print, to deny coverage,” Richmond said. “People left because it was a storm bigger than Katrina. Then it knocked out the power [for] over a million people, and southern heat, 102, 105 heat advisories, and State Farm's position is that people could have went home and lived in that house.”

Richmond, a Louisiana native and former congressman from the state, even called out State Farm leadership directly.

“My opinion is that the CEOs and the leadership at State Farm would not stay in a house with damage, without power in 105 degree heat,” Richmond said, “and they should not expect Louisiana citizens or Mississippi citizens to do that.”

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