Whale shoots magical rainbow out of blow hole

Photo from YouTube/GoldenGuelch

Normally when you think of a rainbow around St. Patricks day, the first image that might pop in your head is a pot of gold or maybe a mischevious green leprechaun.

But thanks to a bit of lucky timing, one group out at sea was able to witness their own very special example of this wonderful natural phenomenon in action from an unexpected source.

A video shot near Depoe Bay, Oregon shows the beautiful moment when a large grey whale surfaced up for air. It’s in that instant that the large marine mammal lets out a blast of air, resulting in a watery mist and what appears to be a multicoloured arc of light emerging from its blowhole.

The eye-catching image doesn’t last long, but the unexpected rainbow certainly earns an impressed reaction from the crowd heard in the background of the short but sweet video clip.

It’s a special moment not many can brag about seeing in person, and you’d certainly need the luck of the Irish to be able to witness it again.