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Beekeeping is the buzz of 2022. Graham and Lisa Liknes, owners of Powell River Bee Supplies and Apiary, are helping the folks of qathet learn the secrets of beekeeping through two day bee-ginner courses they hold throughout the year.

The last course was on April 23 and 24 where beekeeping professionals from Vancouver spoke. The courses cover a variety of topics from requeening bees to bee-sting remedies to bee health and diagnosing hive problems. Bee-sides the courses Graham and Lisa provide, they also mentor new beekeepers, inspect hives, run a beekeeping club, and sell a variety of beekeeping necessities such as mated queens and feed.

The apiary has been around for four years and has five beehives plus several other hives on neighbours’ properties. They produce raw honey, honey sponge toffee, fermented honey products, and more, while also increasing the pollinators in the neighbourhood.

Abby Francis, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, qathet Living

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