What's The Cheapest State To Buy Whiskey?

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Although tequila is set to become the most popular spirit in the U.S., it's hard to deny whiskey's deeply engrained roots. Centuries-old, whiskey was the national go-to liquor by the American Revolution and hasn't lost its cultural significance since. With such long-enduring ubiquity, it's no surprise that the booze is a common choice for an affordable night of drinking.

However, it turns out that such an all-American spirit won't cost you the same all around America. In fact, a bottle of Jack Daniel's Old No.7 Black Label, one of the best and most popular expressions in the U.S., costs over twice the amount in the most expensive state as opposed to the cheapest.

A study conducted by Credello ranked states based on their whiskey price and uncovered the cheapest place to buy a bottle of Jack. The best deal on whiskey can be found in California, where a bottle of such liquor will set you back under $15. So, if you're in or around the Golden State, relish that you're getting the best bang for your buck. Conversely, that priciest spot goes to Alaska.

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California Is The Cheapest U.S. State To Purchase Whiskey

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The platform aggregated a search across online liquor distributors to reach their conclusions. So, of course, it's not methodology without its imperfections, although it'll give a strong indication. Numerous factors lead to price disparity across the country, with a major contributor being taxation.

The taxation of spirits differs heavily based on state, with some adding over $30 extra cost per gallon, while others only add $2. Plus, 17 state governments have monopolistic control over alcohol distribution, meaning local politicians fix the prices.

California is not a control state, and has one of the lowest spirit taxes, coming in at 40th in the U.S. As the state with the largest population, there's also more competition, hence lower liquor prices, despite one of the steepest costs of living. Reduced regulation combined with the abundant enterprising means that those whiskey bottles go at a better value. So, stop by one of the best liquor stores in the U.S. and stock up on several bottles if visiting from out-of-state.

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